The Late Night Cocktail Club hereby calls forth all wicked witches and wizards! 

This August bank holiday, we are teaming up once again with masters of mischief BUNGA BUNGA and BELVEDERE VODKA for a magical two-day Festival of Witchcraft & Wizardry - the likes of which London has never seen before!

Wands and broomsticks at the ready, come immerse yourself in our phantasmagorical world of wonder, unbelievable entertainment and action-packed activities. 

Witches and wizards will participate in a house sorting activity before taking their seats for a spellbinding banquet in The Great Hall. 

Successful students will be rewarded with a mysterious BELVEDERE VODKA infused elixir to give their magic thinking an instant boost!

Set over three floors, our venue will be transformed into a most wicked magical scene with immersive live entertainment and world-class DJs - including Joshua Roberts, Cashy Cashy (formerly of Cash + David) and Aaron Benjamin - make-up artists, dark and sinful burlesque shows and UV discos in our very own magical prison and forbidden forest!  

Trust us when we say, this event needs to be seen to be believed!

Ticket options:

  • Brunch / dinner + all-day party
  • Potion making class + all-day party
  • All-day party access

All tickets include a complimentary BELVEDERE VODKA cocktail!

For birthdays, private room bookings and VIP tables, please contact us directly: